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Preferred Partners

Want to become a Preferred Partner?

Becoming a Preferred Partner of fCN means that your company will benefit from the fact that it will be brought to the attention to all our hundreds of associates, without any limitations.

With 2 profiles, you have access to the fCN website and all its associates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.ยท

  • You are welcome to attend all 2 big events with 3 people;
  • You will always receive an invitation to all other events as well;
  • Your logo will be shown in every newsletter to all our associates, in which you are mentioned as Preferred Partner;
  • Your logo will be published on the homepage of the fCN website;
  • will have the possibility to promote your company in every newsletter which is being sent to all our associates;

To become a Preferred Partner we ask a yearly fee of ZAR 80,000.


Een fCN lidmaatschap is verplicht om een Preferred Partnership aan te kunnen vragen.