Networking and connecting people with passion


What is fCN?

fCN is an exclusive high-end online and offline international society aimed at generating more business (sales) for its Associates, because: if you can share you can multiply. As an Associate of fCN you form part of a unique and particularly valuable club of established professionals who are very dedicated to giving each other business opportunities and sharing of (unique) knowledge.

How long has fCN been in existence?

By 2012 it had been 15 years since the unofficial set-up of the underlying exclusive high-end network of fCN-NL in Holland. The first contacts between Associates were established in 1996, 1997. The group of networking professionals grew in the following years. The formalisation of the network followed later, at the insistence of the – at the time unnamed – network itself, in particular because of the (commercial) successes that were achieved (between the Associates).

Who is the founder of fCN?

fCN is an initiative of entrepreneur Merlin Melles. The network of fCN emerged from the (charity) galas and exclusive parties and events she organised or co-organised. Melles laid the foundation of her success at a young age through the establishment of her international fashion company A&Q. Between 1995 and 2009 she worked as an interior designer of office premises of leading companies. She is a shareholder of the successful Amsterdam asset management company Melles and Partners (, professional organiser of events, stylist, fundraiser, supervisory director and ambassador of, inter alia, HDI, Kanker in Beeld and Dance4Live. Or, as the Dutch glossy magazine Nouveau Merlin described Melles: “How she manages it all is a mystery, but she certainly does: restyling homes and businesses, and writing travel reports for magazines. But also being busy raising funds for the Helen Dowling Institute, “the mother of all aftercare for cancer patients and former patients and their loved ones, and everything else she encounters on her path. Does she ever say no? Not a chance with Merlin Melles; sparkling and full of energy and ideas with a network from here to Tokyo (literally!). From this network she generously digs up contacts that may be of interest to others.”

How much is the fCN Association-ship Fee?

Associates of Founders Carbon Network pay an annual Association-ship fee (Association-ship fee subject to change).

Why is the Association-ship Fee so low?

fCN does not wish to be an additional barrier for entrepreneurs, but rather a platform for entrepreneurs. fCN values the fact that many promising entrepreneurs, for example, can find their place within fCN. We prefer to vote on someone’s admission on a basis other than the size of financial contribution(s).

What do I get for my Association-ship?

  • One year of access to the private online community of fCN
  • Twice a year, an invitation to the highly-regarded, very exclusive fCN networking events at prime locations and invitations for select events.
  • Address details and profiles and business profiles of affiliated fCN Associates.
  • If desired, you will receive (intensive) support in establishing contact with other Associates. fCN’s key objective is to match the right people with the right people across all disciplines.
  • fCN provides continuous service aimed at founders generating increased business among themselves.
  • A clear briefing, well in advance of a networking event, including the names of all visiting Associates, allowing you to decide beforehand who you wish to speak to and/or meet (if desired, you can have fCN introduce you to your contact, beforehand or on site)
  • The fCN card that gives you access to the networking events and that entitles you to discounts with fCN card affiliated companies.
  • You belong to a society that is second to none in the Netherlands, Asia, Brazil and Africa, in terms of class, quality and prestige.

What does balloting entail?

If you wish to become an Associate of fCN, you can apply via the page become a member. After we have received your application and you appear to belong to the target group of fCN, you will be invited for an interview on an agreed location. If desired, we can visit your company. Within two weeks following this interview you will be notified in writing as to whether we can offer you Association-ship of fCN.

Why should I become an Associate of fCN?

You don’t have to, of course! However, if you would like to increase your business/dealings (sales) in a pleasant and relatively easy manner, enjoy discussing your business with like-minded people, broaden your knowledge and want to be assured of an adequate network of people that want to help you and who can actually assist you at many levels, you actually should have applied a long time ago.

Where do I find the fCN headquarters?

The office of fCN is located at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Koningslaan 52 in the Netherlands.

I am an Associate of fCN, but I am unable to log in.

Both your login name and password are CASE-sensitive. Is your “caps lock” off (on)? For persistent login problems please send an email to fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 24 hours (business days).

I am an Associate of fCN, but I forgot my login and/ or password. Now what?

If you have lost your login: Your login is the same as the email address in your registration. If you have lost your password: on the homepage click on “forgot your password?”, enter your email address and you will receive a link to reset your password.
If this does not work, send an email to fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 24 hours (business days).

How can I report a broken link or a different error on the website?

Please send an email to Please describe the omission you have observed in as much detail as possible. fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 24 hours (business days).

Are all networking events initiated by fCN held (exclusively) in Cape Town?

No. fCN aims to spread its networking events in terms of location(s) across various cities in South Africa and on the African Continent. The chance for a networking event to be held in South Africa is at this stage greater than in other countries on the continent.

Am I required to attend all networking events?

You are under no obligation to do anything. If you wish to get the most out of your fCN Association-ship, attending the networking events is recommended.

Can I get help to establish the right contacts within fCN?

Of course! We would be more than happy to help you! Please contact us, preferably by sending an email to fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 24 hours (business days).

Can I transfer my (current) fCN Association-ship?

No, you cannot transfer your fCN Association-ship. Given the nature and composition of fCN, Association-ships are strictly personal.

Can I attend a networking event to see if fCN suits me?

If you are unsure whether fCN is something for you and/or your business, please contact us. fCN is a private society and organised networking events are accessible to members only.

I am an fCN Associate and would like to recommend a prospective Associate. Is that possible?

It certainly is and we welcome that! Please send an email containing his/her contact details to and if possible, state why you think the relevant prospective Associate is an asset to (Associates of) fCN. fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 48 hours (business days).

Can I inspect the RSVP list before attending a networking event?

Certainly. Please send an email to fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 24 hours (business days). If you wish to speak (personally) with a particular Associate of fCN who is not on the list, the administrative office can arrange a separate appointment, if so required.

Does fCN sell (private) data of its Associates to third parties?

No, please see our General Terms and Conditions.

Would fCN be interested in advertising in our almanac/our yearbook/my glossy during my event?

Probably not. You can always try, though…

If I become an Associate, is there any chance that my company gets attention in the media?

It is possible – but we give no guarantees. It is true, however, that large or small editorials regularly devote attention to the events of fCN. In addition, (the board of) fCN has close contacts within the media across the board. fCN is not a media or PR agency but, if so desired, it may be able to promote you in some cases. Incidentally, several journalists are an Associate of fCN.

I have a complaint. Who should I contact?

Without delay: fCN endeavours to respond to all email within 48 hours (business days).

I would like to bring along a non-Associate to a networking event of fCN. Is that possible?

In principle, it isn’t. But you can always try. Email your reasoned request to and we will see if we can do something for you and if so what.

How many Associates does fCN have?

fCN has more than 600 associates and the number is growing. Its associates include top entrepreneurs, director and major shareholders, board members, Quote500 members, CEOs and CFOs, entrepreneurs with a capital E, and so forth, from numerous sectors: from investment companies to ICT, from real estate to asset management, from cultural institutions to law firms, from (commercial) healthcare institutions to architects, from the world of advertising to multimedia entrepreneurs. A brief summary of current associates:

  • Top executives from the banking sector
  • Top executives from the cultural sector
  • Directors of (commercial) healthcare institutions
  • The top of the advertising world
  • IT creative’s
  • Leading architects
  • Partner Lawyers
  • Asset Managers
  • Medical professionals
  • Decision-makers from the TV/music industry
  • Leading names from the world of sports
  • The top of the fashion industry
  • Directors of foundations like Dance4Live, Blue Ribbon
  • Director and major shareholders of various magazines
  • Decision-makers in the automotive industry

The following industries are represented by and at fCN:

  • Accountancy
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural sector
  • Antique dealers
  • Architects
  • Art
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Boat building
  • Clothing retail
  • Clothing wholesale and retail
  • Commercial healthcare institutions
  • Communication
  • Construction
  • Consultancy
  • Cultural sector
  • Distilleries
  • Domotics
  • Energy
  • Event organisations
  • Export companies
  • Financial/economic
  • Food wholesale/retail
  • Foundations
  • High-tech electronics manufacturers
  • Hospitality/Recreation
  • Hotel industry
  • ICT sector
  • Import companies
  • Insurance
  • Interior designers
  • Internet
  • Investment companies
  • Jewellery/diamond industry
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing/industrial
  • Marina /shipyard
  • Medical professionals
  • Model agencies
  • Multimedia
  • Organisation
  • Other entrepreneurs
  • Partner lawyers
  • Printing industry
  • Printing/publishing
  • Property
  • Real Estate
  • Retail general
  • Security
  • Services
  • Sport
  • Tax offices
  • Telecom
  • Temporary employment agencies
  • Tourism
  • Transport companies
  • Wholesale general